Intro to Positive Reinforcement Training

Required to Complete Before Taking Other Classes

  • 1 hour
  • 30 US dollars
  • 2275 Dartmouth St., Wolf Pen Creek Park, College Station

Service Description

This Class Will Teach You & Your Pup About: -How & When to Mark and Reward (Free Clicker Provided)(Clicker Optional) -How Dog Training Compares to Learning like Building Blocks (Where Everything Continues to Build on Itself) -Setting up Preferred Verbal & Hand Signal Commands -How Puzzles and Games go Hand in Hand with Mental & Physical Exercise -Touch (Precursor to Come When Called/Touching Objects/Pressing Buttons) -Sit (Precursor to Sit Stay, Leave its (Where your Dog is Able to Disengage from the Temptation), Teaching Your Dog to Heel by Your Side) -How to Start Building a Strong Down (Precursor to Down Stay, Settle, and/or Place) What to Bring: -A Current Copy of your pets' Vaccination Records (You May Print, Text, Email Your Pups' Records Before the Class) -4ft. or 6ft. Leash (No Flexi Leads/Retractable Leashes) -Collar -3-4 Different Types of treats Mixed Together -Treat Pouch/Fanny Pack (Not Required, does make training easier, but a Treat bag or Ziplock Bag works fine as well) What to Expect: There will be other dogs in your class. So please, for safety reasons, keep your dog on his/her leash at all times. We will meet at the same place and time once a week for any class you choose. Each class will last an hour and we will provide water bottles as well as water bowls for you and your pup. Please come early if you haven't already either filled out the enrollment form or need to still show a current copy of your pet's vaccination records. (They can be emailed to the email below or printed out.) Please park in the south parking lot on the corner of Dartmouth St. and Colgate Dr. We will have signs directing you and your pup to where class will be held. We can't wait to see you in class! Thank you for joining Big & Small Dog Training!

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+ 972-795-7295

Located off of Colgate Dr. behind the work out station. 2275 Dartmouth Street, College Station, TX, USA