Partial Package

The Partial Package bundles two courses for a cheaper, more cost effective price. By purchasing two courses up front you are able to save more money and reserve your spots in advance for any two courses you choose. Whether you need Puppy Kindergarten and Doggy Middle School or maybe Doggy Elementary and Doggy Middle School. The Partial Package is also great for dogs who have already mastered the commands for Puppy Kindergarten and Doggy Elementary and are looking to move on to Doggy Middle School and Doggy High School. With the Partial package you get the flexibility you need. Once you've purchased a course it will always be there. We understand life may get busy and sometimes you need to take time off from training. That's why whenever you're ready to pick training classes back up again you will always have a spot.

Partial Package

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    • Puppy Kindergarten
    • Doggy Elementary
    • Doggy Middle School
    • Doggy High School

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