Puppy Kindergarten &



Puppy Kindergarten and Doggy Elementary courses are an excellent way to start your dog on the path to success! This 6-week course will teach your dog how to socialize with other dogs the right way, as well as building their problem solving skills, teaching them manners and basic commands like "sit, watch, wait, take it/drop it,

 leave it and more!"

Doggy Middle School

Doggy Middle School is perfect for dogs who are ready to build strong, reliable and consistent commands! Doggy Middle School picks up right where we left off in Puppy Kindergarten or Doggy Elementary. This 6-week course is all about building strong reliable and consistent cues that you can use everywhere you and your dog go! While also developing new cues like "stay, heel, and place."

Doggy High School

The Last Class to Perfection! Doggy High School works on distance, duration, and distractions, while also expanding and building on skills that we have already learned in Doggy Middle School. This 6-week course will teach your dog how to heel in any situation, touch objects,  transition to off leash walking and more!